For more than 40 years, Gatti Filastro has operated in the frozen and ambient transport sector. We operate from ITALY to and from: BELGIUM, HOLLAND, GERMANY, FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM and many other European countries.

Our firm is recognised by its development of a “Service Culture” to our clients that has established its credentials in:



With our skills in the industry, we have created an important organisation with a vast experience in national and international road logistics.

We offer our clients a working solution, tailor-made to their specific requirements, an efficient and cutting edge infra-structure including warehousing, computerisation and modern satellite tracked vehicles.

Our flexible, polite and experienced management team can alter schedules at any time to suit the changing plans of any customer.

Today, the Gatti Group is a complete organisation that understands all activities inherent to the logistics industry.

We can provide the big advantage to the customer of having one “Professional Partner” with whom they can trust and rely on to run all parts of the transport journey to a first class standard.